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How to Create Effective Naver Responsive Search Ads for Your Business

Naver Responsive Search Ad

Naver recently launched Responsive Search Ads (RSA). Naver RSA enables you to take advantage of Naver's generative AI (Clova) during the RSA ad copywriting and ads management & optimization.

What is a Naver Responsive Search Ad?

  • Naver Responsive Search Ads automatically configure a combination of ad copies that are expected to have high advertising effectiveness. It works in a very similar way to Google RSA.

  • Unlike the existing single title and single description ad (expanded text ads) combination, RSA displays multiple combinations of up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions.

  • At least 3 title assets and 2 description assets must be added to run RSA.

When creating Naver Responsive Search Ad assets, you can take advantage of Naver's generative AI to come up with unique & compelling ad copies. Just enter your site name, landing page, USP (optional), and promotion & sale (optional) related keywords and Naver's generative AI creates title and description copies. You can use them as they are or you can write your ad copies.

Naver Responsive Search Ad

Naver Responsive Search Ad assets should pass Naver's review before serving on Naver SERP.

Naver RSA can be created at Powerlink Campaign->Ad Group->Ad Asset level. Currently, advertisers can use the RSA with existing expanded text ads.

Since Naver RSA just recently launched, we are currently A/B testing it with expanded text ads. We will write about Naver Responsive Search Ads' effectiveness in our future posts.

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