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Eastforte is a digital marketing agency based in Seoul. We are specialized in localized Pay Per Click Ads, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design Services in the Korean language. Grow your business in South Korea with us.
Our data-first localized PPC services mainly focus on Korea’s No.1 web portal ‘Naver’, ‘Kakao’ and global search engine-Google to drive action and your brand's growth in demanding the Korean market.
We run customized SMM on Instagram, Kakao, and Facebook based on local social media trends to build your brand community and acquire new customers. We build and design localized websites to increase your web presence and generate stable leads for your business in South Korea.
Eastforte's certified experts strongly believe in growing with our valuable clients and each client’s success depends on carefully localized strategy toward Korean consumers. Each campaign is thoroughly planned, executed, and optimized based on data analysis, a client’s business nature, and needs while reflecting the latest local market trends to bring optimal ROI to our clients.
Each client’s growth is our priority and we believe in our expertise to bring the best ROI for your business. We grow together with our clients! 





Each campaign is started, executed, optimized, and completed with market trend data, CRM, competitor, and campaign data. 


We think globally and act locally in order to bring the best ROI for each marketing campaign.


Each service is provided by professionally certified experts who have +10 years of on-site experience. 



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Pay Per Click Ads

Be there when your customers need you!

Social Media Marketing

Build a strong brand community among your customers!

Web Design

Generate valuable leads through brand reliability!

  • Service type: PPC

  • Ad type: Search Ads, Display Ads

  • Media: Naver, Google, Kakao (Daum)

  • Goal: Influence consideration & drive action. 

Pay Per Click ads are the optimal way to influence your potential customers' consideration who already intend or are interested in your product or service category. PPC is also the best way to drive action such as sales on your website or generate valuable leads. We approach each PPC campaign with related data and localized strategy to make sure that each campaign brings the best ROI while meeting KPIs.



We make sure that your brand is there when your potential customers are looking for you on South Korea's No.1 portal sites Naver, which accounts for 57% of market share and is visited by more than 29 million people each day in Korea. Online business success in South Korea is like pulling down a star without being present on Naver. We also make sure to leverage Google and Kakao to bring the best ROI and reach each campaign's KPIs.

  • Service type: SMM

  • Ad type: Social Media Ads

  • Media: Instagram, Facebook, KakaoTalk

  • Goal: Build a brand community & drive action. 

Social Media Marketing is one of the smart ways to approach your potential customers as a ‘person’ or ‘friend’. In other words, SMM helps you build personalized content based on the latest Korean social media trends and localized SMM approach. Our SMM experts help you build brand community and drive action across different social media platforms.   














SMM process starts with planning & strategy building and continues with social account creation, content marketing, analysis, and optimization. Content marketing is designed and executed thoroughly to target the most relevant audiences across Instagram, Facebook, and KakaoTalk, South Korea's No.1 messenger.   

  • Service type: Web Design

  • Device: PC, Mobile, Tablet 

  • Website type: Website, responsive website, blog, e-commerce website, etc. 

  • Goal: Build web presence and brand reliability, generate leads.

Localized web design projects include web building, web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works. Each website is structured and built-in Korean language based on our client’s brand category while considering local PC, mobile, tablet UI, and UX.















A website without traffic is useless! So, we take care of SEO for your website to make sure to generate quality traffic from search engines and portal site market leaders in South Korea such as Naver, Google, and Kakao (Daum). A localized website is one of the best tools to build a web presence, brand reliability, and generate leads.  




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