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Run Kakao Ads with
Professional Kakao Ads Specialist

Are you planning to launch Kakaotalk Ads but do not know how to get started? Then you are in the right place. Grow your business in South Korea with a professional Kakao Ads specialist! Get help to properly open a Kakao Ads account, implement Kakao pixel, and set up & launch a successful Kakao Display Ads (Kakao Bizboard) campaign. 

Why Kakao?

Kakaotalk Display Ad
(Kakao Bizboard)

Kakaotalk ad bizboard.png

Kakao display ad (Kakao Bizboard) is a mobile-only high-impact banner ad displayed at the top of KakaoTalk chats, Kakao services, Daum, and Kakao Network, reaching a massive audience with targeted campaigns. Kakao display ads can help to increase brand awareness, and drive website/app traffic and conversions for your business. They are RTB (real-time bidding) based performance ads.

Get to know
Kakao Display Ad!

Kakao ad
1. How does Kakao Display Ad work?

Kakaotalk Display Ad (Kakao Bizboard) is an RTB (Real-Time Bidding) based ad product of Kakao. Different bidding options (CPM, CPC, CPA) are available for different business objectives. Flexible targeting options enable you to reach your most relevant audience at the right moment.

2. Where are my ads displayed?

Kakaotalk Display Ad (Kakao Bizboard) is displayed within Kakaotalk mobile application. Also, ads can be shown on Kakao family platforms and services such as Daum, Kakao Pages, Kakao Taxi, Kakao Map, etc.  as well as Kakao Display Network.

3. How can I track Kakao Ad performance?

Ad performance can be tracked with the 'Kakao Pixel' and SDK by implementing them on all pages and conversion pages of a website and/or mobile app. And of course, 3rd party tools such as GA4 and MMP be integrated with Kakao Ads.

Kakao bizboard.png

Kakao Ad Objectives

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Download the Kakao Ad Media Kit
For More Information.


Meet Your Certified

Kakao Ads Specialist

Hi, my name is Zohid. I am a certified Kakao and Naver Ads specialist with over seven years of experience in the Korean market. I have experience working for large Korean companies and global advertising agencies. Currently, I am Top Rated Plus Korean Digital Marketing Specialist and represent TOP 3% of performers on Upwork. I worked with different clients and businesses from startups & SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. I have experience handling USD 500~USD 300,000 monthly budgets to help grow + 70 businesses through Korean local digital platforms including Naver.  I always do my best to grow my clients' business. Because I believe I can grow only when my clients grow.


Advanced PPC (Naver & Kakao) Specialist Certificate (검색광고마케터 1급)  issued by Korea Association for ICT Promotion.

Why Work With Me?


No annual contract is required: Get started with a 1~3 month ad campaign.   


No percentage-based commission: Simple flat-rate monthly service fee.


Better communication: Work efficiently with bilingual certified ad specialist.


Eastforte portfolio.png

Client Testimonials


“Zohid helped us run our Korea ad campaigns on the budget we set, using the assets and information we provided to create ad assets. Beyond his defined role, Zohid also reviewed our website and offered suggestions to improve the localization. I will be glad to work with Zohid again when we next re-run our Korea campaign."


"Zohid is one of the best freelancers we've worked with. Absolutely solid and dependable."

Now Speak English

"Zohid was very responsive and was amenable to the tasks at hand. He had a sufficient depth of knowledge and the work turn around time was above what I expected (which is already a high bar). We really liked him."


"An incredible ads genius! We highly recommend him."


"Zohid was awesome, would highly recommend."


"Zohid served admirably in his tenure as digital performance marketing support. He successfully helped to establish the channels and setup and operate the campaigns to deliver desired results. His availability and quick responses helped to create a solid collaboration between us and respond to any situations. Great Job!"

  • Which Industries do you work with?
    I work with different businesses in different industries. So far, I have worked with B2C, B2B business types in e-commerce, SAAS, healthcare, edu-tech, real-estate, coaching, international exhibition, travel, etc.
  • What tools and platforms do you use?
    There are many marketing tools out there, some better than others. I have access to many of the best tools to ensure my clients are getting optimal results. Some of these tools I use include Naver Ads and Naver Analytics, Kakao Ads, Facebook Ads and Facebook Analytics and of course Google Suite (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager) along with Semrush and other Korean local digital marketing tools.
  • How do you track results month over month?
    Accurately tracking campaign results is one of the core factors of my partnership. In the beginning of every partnership, I examine and optimize analytics tracking and customize goals for ROI tracking. This ensures my partners' data is accurate and I am reporting on my partners' business priorities. My partners will then review the performance weekly and monthly, discuss upcoming strategies, and set goals.
  • What is your client minimums?
    Each business is unique. So, I take a custom approach to budgets. I formulate custom strategies and align budgets to be successful depending on desired results and expected timelines. Chat with me so I can give you a more accurate idea of starting budget. Schedule 30 minutes call with me. Reach out to me at
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in Seoul, South Korea. My office address is 20F, WeWork Bldg, 83 Uisadang-daero, Yeoeuido-dong, Seoul,South Korea.
  • How do your partnerships last with clients?
    The duration of my partnership depends on the scope of work and desired outcomes. I have enjoyed working with some of my partners for years now and ensuring their continued growth. However, depending on the scope of work I may only partner for a few months to accomplish a specific task. Whatever the case, our goal is to build strategies that work and help your business grow in South Korea.
  • What is the first step to work with you?
    On my first call with my potential partner, I discuss the goals my partners are trying to accomplish and the budget they have in place. From there, I make recommendations for a monthly budget and timeframe so we can begin getting a strategy in place. What’s important to note is that I create custom strategies for each partner based on their unique business. I work hard upfront to set clear expectations for deliverables and results. No matter the budget size, my quality of work remains the same. Schedule 30 minutes call. Reach out to me at

How Do We Get Started?

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