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All About Naver Display Ads

Updated: Jan 15

Naver is a South Korean portal site owned by Naver Corporation. It started as the first South Korean portal site in 1999. The portal site developed and introduced its search engine. Naver is frequently referred to as 'the Google of South Korea.'

Search engine market share in South Korea.
Caption 1. Search engine market share in South Korea. source:internettrend)

Naver is also a pioneer in developing and introducing user-generated content called the 'Knowledge iN' service back in 2002. Naver expanded its market share after launching a webcomic service 'Naver Webtoon' in 2004 and the 'Naver blog' service in 2005. The company further expanded its market share by introducing its multimedia search services such as video and music search along with mobile search. Consider this! -Naver accounts for 58.2% of search engine market share in South Korea; -The number of Naver members is over 42 million; -Naver app is the second most used mobile app in South Korea; -Over 25 million Koreans have Naver as the start page on their default browser; That is why Naver is considered a Korean Google. Naver's presence is essential for businesses operating in South Korea. The portal site provides advertising and marketing platforms to run full-funnel digital marketing campaigns. According to Maeil Business News Korea, Naver ads account for 66% of the overall Korean digital advertising market. What are Naver ads? As mentioned above, Naver possesses a massive audience and market share in the Korean digital market. Naver ads are a very important tool to grow your business in highly competitive South Korea. It provides two types of ads: Search ads and Display ads. These ad types are categorized under +10 ad products.

Naver Display Ads.

Naver Display Ads are aimed at targeting the upper funnel of the customer journey to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to a specific website. They are displayed across various sections of the Naver portal site such as blog posts, news, shopping, entertainment, search, etc,. Unlike Google Display Ads (GDN), Naver Display Ads do not provide CPC-based ads. The targeting option is also not available for Naver Display Ads. The ads are run mainly on the Naver portal site on PC and mobile devices.

Naver Display Ad
Caption 2. Naver Display Ad.

There are 7 CPT (Cost Per 1,000 unique impressions) and CPM (Cost Per 1,000 impressions) based display ad products. Naver Display Ad campaigns are operated to reach the following marketing goals:

  1. Build or increase brand awareness;

  2. Drive traffic to a website;

Each display ad product is composed of different source requirements. However, general requirements include high-resolution display ad images, CTA (Call To Action) messages, and URLs. Let's take a look at each display ad product!

Special DA: This ad is exposed on the home page of the Naver mobile website and app. Special DA is very effective in maximizing impressions within a short period as the ad reaches millions of users as soon as they open the Naver mobile website or app. Special DA is CPT CPT-based ad and it can be run for a minimum of 3 hours. Estimated impression volume varies from 4 million to 22 million depending on different times of the day.

Naver Special DA
Caption 3. Naver Special DA.

Branding DA: This type of ad is displayed within the news and entertainment section of the Naver mobile website and app. Rich media including video and audio can be applied to Branding DA and this product is effective in grabbing users' attention. Branding DA is a CPM-based ad and it can be run daily.

Naver Branding DA.
Caption 4. Naver Branding DA.

Mobile Menu DA: This ad is shown when a user clicks the 3-line menu icon on the Naver mobile website and app. Mobile Menu DA is displayed at the bottom of the page. The ad is CPM-based and can be run daily.

Mobile menu DA
Caption 5. Naver Mobile menu DA.

Time Board: This ad is displayed on the homepage of Naver. Time Board is very effective in exposing a brand to millions of users and driving traffic to a website as the ad is shown as soon as users open the Naver homepage on PC. Time Board is CPT-based ad and can be run for a minimum of 1 hour. Estimated impression volume varies from 1 million to 10 million depending on different times of the day.

Naver Timeboard DA
Caption 6. Naver Time Board.

Rolling Board: This is also PC based display ad and is exposed on the homepage of Naver. However, Rolling Board display ads are placed on the right part of the homepage instead of the upper part like Time Board. Rolling Board is CPM CPM-based ad and can be run daily.

Naver Rolling Board
Caption 7. Naver Rolling Board.

First View: This ad is displayed at the upper part of the Rolling Board. The first View can be run on a PC. It is a CPM-based ad and can be operated on a daily basis. The difference between First View and Rolling Board is that First View guarantees more impressions as it appears on the upper part of the Rolling Board.

Naver First View
Caption 8. Naver First View.

Couple Board: A combination of Time Board and Rolling Board is a Couple Board ad. This type of ad can reach a massive number of users with creative ad sources. Couple Board is run on PC only. This is CPT based ad and can be run for a minimum of 1 hour.

Naver Couple Board
Caption 9. Naver Couple Board.

Wrap up.

Naver Display Ads are designed to build or increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. If you are new or expanding your business in South Korea, Naver display ads can help you reach a massive amount of people on Korea's No.1 portal site-Naver. Various products of Naver display ads are available to display your ad on PC or mobile and different sections of the Naver site.

Schedule a free consultation call to discuss your business growth opportunities in the Korean market.


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