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Naver SEO Starter Guide [Part III]

Updated: Feb 18

Naver Naver SEO Naver Ads

Frequently Asked Questions about Naver SEO

Q. Why is my site not appearing in Naver SERP consistently for specific keywords?

A. Exclusions from SERP impressions can have a variety of reasons.

If site information is not normally received at the time the Naver search robot visits, such as when access to the site is not smooth or temporarily unavailable, it may be temporarily excluded from Naver SERP.

Therefore, it is recommended to check whether the site information can be crawled properly through a simple check of the site.

If there is no problem during the site inspection, a technical review is required to confirm the exact cause of an issue, so please submit the issue to Naver Webmasters through 'Help' of Naver Search Advisor Tool.

Q. What is the site title/description and how do I check it?

A. The title and description of the site are phrases that describe the company name and main content, which are exposed in search results and are information that can inform search users of what kind of site this site is.

The title and description of the site reflected in the current search results can be checked using 'Site Check' of Naver Webmaster Tools (Naver Search Advisor) or the markup page information can be checked through the 'View Source' function of the site.

Q. If I register a site on Naver Webmaster Tools or edit the title/description tag on the site, how long does it take for Naver Webmaster Tools to reflect the changes in search results?

A. Information from the site goes through a process of recollection and indexing to be reflected in search results. The whole process may take at least one day to several weeks. However, since the SERP reflection cycle is calculated differently depending on the reliability/activity of the site, it is difficult to inform you of a generalized cycle.

In this case, the collection cycle can be shortened by using the 'collection request' menu in Naver Webmaster Tools to request recollection (crawling) within 1 to 2 days.

Q. It seems some keywords are missing from the description in SERP. Why?

A. Your content is reflected in the search results taking into account the overall relevance such as relevance to the site, relevance between keywords, and relevance as a search keyword.

On the other hand, if you stuff unrelated keywords, it may adversely affect reliability or activity in the long term. Therefore, when writing content such as titles and descriptions, choose keywords that are related to the brand and represent your company.

Q. Is using various channels (Naver Blog, Naver Cafe, Facebook, etc.) other than the main homepage advantageous for Naver search exposure?

A. Simply running multiple channels has no impact on on-site browsing.

However, if you operate a channel suitable for brand promotion with consistent content, it is judged to be useful information for users and may act advantageously in SERP.

However, if the content you want to promote on the main homepage and the content on the site operated by the channel is different, it is rather inconsistent and may adversely affect search reflection, so it is recommended to manage it consistently with high-quality content.

Q. What can I do to be well reflected in Naver searches or to be displayed in the top SERP?

A. Basically, it is most important to comply with Naver web standards and optimize for search reflection. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the status can be reflected normally through a simple site check, etc. There are various logics in detail based on the information collected in real-time by other systems, but basically, in terms of reliability and activity, it is necessary to check the user's search intent. If it is a suitable site and it is judged to be useful information for users, it may be exposed at the top.

Reliability and activity are important in managing the content produced within the site.

If high-quality content useful for users on the site is continuously produced/managed, the probability that the information will be cited on a reliable site increases, and through this, the number of users of the site increases, and the activity can also be improved.

In addition, this steady site management can help to display within the top SERP because it can quickly detect and manage factors that may adversely affect search reflection, such as spam postings.

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