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Naver SEO Starter Guide [Part I]

Updated: Feb 1

Naver SEO Naver Search Advisor Naver Webmaster Tool

What is Naver Search Advisor (Naver Webmaster Tools)?

Naver Search Advisor is the webmaster tool of Naver. Overall this tool is very similar to Google Search Console.

Naver Search Advisor is recommended for those who want to:

1. Work on Naver SEO;

2. Increase a business presence on Naver;

Naver Webmaster Tools is a service that provides the current status of crawling and index reflection of websites you operate and provides diagnostic reports necessary to manage your website as a search-friendly site.

Naver search basics;

Naver Search aims to improve search quality by utilizing the latest technologies such as AI, while allowing users to quickly and accurately access reliable information through search.

To this end, the Naver Search Team is making the following efforts.

  • Improved crawling & index system to bring good web documents.

  • Naver Search Team responds to documents with poor user feedback by improving the spam system.

  • Naver Search Team improves the ranking system that reflects the value of users judging good web documents.

Make your site search-friendly;

Search optimization is the process of organizing content information on your site so that search engines can understand it. Through this operation, measures can be taken to prevent site content from being omitted from Naver's search results, and above all, it is possible to inform Naver's search engine of the content that users want.

Grow your website with Naver Search;

Naver Search Team pays a lot of attention to the growth of your website.

If you follow Naver's SEO guide, good-quality web documents are consumed by users a lot, and a virtuous cycle of good web documents can be created.

How to use Naver Webmaster tools?

Step 1. Sign up & register your site;

Let the Naver search bot know about your website.

The easiest way to inform the Naver search bot of your website is to register your website in Naver Webmaster Tools. It is very important to notify the existence of a site so that the Naver search robot can find your site among numerous sites.

Naver web search reflects and exposes site information automatically collected by web crawling robots. Therefore, the search registration process does not exist. The first thing to do is to refer to the Search Engine Optimization Guide of Naver and take measures so that the search robot can crawl and index your website well.

Step 2. Verify site ownership;

Verify that the site is owned by you.

The various functions provided by Webmaster Tools are limited for use only by the site owner. After registering the site, complete the ownership verification to check the web page collection (crawling), index, and diagnostic report.

Even if you do not register the site in Naver Webmaster Tools, the site and web documents are reflected in Naver search results. However, if you register the site with Naver Webmaster Tools and proceed with the ownership verification process, you can check the collection (crawling, index, and exposure information of the site contents through the report of Naver Webmaster Tools. After verifying ownership, you can check the search link status of your site by using the report of Webmaster Tools, which can be very helpful for site operation. Site verification does not support JavaScript execution.

For more information, please contact us.

Purpose of Naver Search Engine Optimization;

Search engine optimization is the process of organizing content on your site so that search engines can understand it. Through this operation, measures can be taken to prevent site content from being omitted from Naver's search results, and above all, it is possible to inform Naver's search engine of the content that users want.

Naver Search gives preference to search engine-friendly sites. Naver Search and Webmaster Tools will help you increase the number of visitors to your site. Please refer to the SEO methods below to reflect your site's content in Naver searches:

1. Register the site in Webmaster Tools and proceed with ownership verification.

Site registration is supported on a per-host basis only.

  • (O)

  • (O)

  • (X)

You can verify the ownership of the site by using the HTML meta tag or by uploading an HTML file.

2. If it is impossible to verify the ownership of the site, please check the following conditions;

  • Please check if the website's firewall is blocking Naver Search Robot.

  • If the main page of the site is redirected using JavaScript or meta refresh technique, it is not supported. Please use the HTTP redirect method.

  • If you implement HTML tags for ownership verification inside the frame tag, it is not supported. Please implement HTML tags for verification of ownership outside the frame tag.

  • Support is not possible if the original HTML file for upload provided at the time of ownership verification is damaged.

  • Webmaster Tools does not support Internet Explorer versions below 11.

For a more detailed explanation, please contact us.

3. Allow the Naver search robot to access the site.

To allow Naver search robots to access the site's documents, set robots.txt as follows. If it is difficult to change robots.txt directly, you need the help of the site's technical staff, such as site makers and developers.

(Example) Set to allow access only to Naver search robots

User-agent: Yeti

Allow: /

(Example) Set accessible to all search engine robots

User-agent: *

Allow: /

Allow Naver Search Robot access on your web server or firewall. The name of the Naver search robot (User-Agent) is Yeti.

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Yeti/1.1; +

If you need to block the search bot, don't block it based on IP. The search robot's IP band can be changed at any time. It is recommended to use the standard way robots.txt for access control of search robots.

4. Check for duplicate content.

You may want to set up multiple sites with the same content to increase your search impressions. Please note that in this case, your search exposure may be penalized.

Don't make every page title the same. The title of the page should contain phrases that accurately describe the topic of the content. For more information, see the HTML Markup Guide.

5. Submit your sitemap and RSS to Webmaster Tools.

A sitemap is an XML-formatted file containing a list of collectible URLs within a site. Simply submit your sitemap in XML format from the "Request-Submit Sitemap" menu in Webmaster Tools.

Please include the latest articles on the site, including the entire text, in the RSS feed. You can submit an RSS feed from the "Request - Submit RSS" menu in Webmaster Tools.

6. Let Naver Webmaster Tools know about your social media channels.

A channel is a page for each account in the social media you run, such as Naver Blog, Naver cafe, Facebook, and Instagram. Markup the channel information you use for your online branding.

7. Check the Naver search results.

The contents of the site are reflected in the search within up to one week after Naver's search robot visits. Enter the site name in the Naver search bar. Also, if you use the site: query in web document search, you can check whether a specific site's content search is reflected.


Use the Content Exposure and Click Report provided by Webmaster Tools to check how many times your registered website was exposed and clicked on Naver search results.

8. What to do if your website cannot be found on the Naver Search Results Page?

Please check your robots.txt and firewall settings again to see if your site allows access to Naver search robots.

If the meta tag of the main page has no index processing, please disable it. Pages marked with no index are excluded from the search reflection.

(Exceptionally, sites with public goods characteristics such as public institutions and educational institutions and sites with high user preference may be searched according to internal policies)

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Site titles and descriptions are strictly managed by search engines, so please refer to the HTML Markup Guide again to make sure there are no violations of the policy.

Make sure that the information on the main page of the site is wrapped in an HTML frame tag. Due to the problem caused by the frame tag, it is recommended to use plain HTML tags instead of frame tags for important pages such as the main page of the site.

For more information about Naver SEO, please feel free to schedule 30 minutes of free consultation.

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