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What is Kakao Business and How To Use It?

Updated: Feb 15

What is Kakao Business? Kakao Business is a service that allows you to use Kakao’s various business services immediately by agreeing to and signing up for the terms and conditions of Kakao. In the past, there was a hassle of agreeing to the terms and conditions of each individual service and signing up for each service, but by converting to a Kakao Business member, you can use all of Kakao’s major business services and new services to be developed.

Kakao Business

Power of Kakao Business; Kakao Business allows you to target the whole Korean nation because:

  • The number of MAU (Monthly Active Users) of Kakao is +46,000,000 (approx. 90% of South Korea’s population).

  • The ratio of Kakao Channel users is 84% of the total MAU of Kakao.

How to sign up for Kakao Business? Log in to the Kakao Business Manager Center with your Kakao account information, agree to the terms and conditions, and proceed with authentication to complete the Kakao Business subscription. With one subscription, you can use all of Kakao’s major business services and new services to be developed, and you can easily check the usage status of each business service. ※ Available products & services: Kakao Business Manager Center, Kakao Talk Channel, Kakao Developers, Kakao i Open Builder, Kakao Moment, Kakao Moment Mobile, Brand Search, (new) Kakao Keyword Advertisement, Place an Order, Kakao Pay Purchase.

Kakao Business Products & Services;

Kakao Channel

Kakao Channel: Create your own Kakao Channel and attract customers with Kakao advertising. Various marketing/advertising tools are included to take action easily. Learn more about the Kakao Channel here.

Kakao bizboard ad

Kakao Biz Board: Create a marketing action and differentiated brand experience from KakaoTalk! Discovery, connection, and marketing action are organically connected in one space called KakaoTalk. Kakao Biz Board suggests strong branding and performance. Learn more about the Kakao Biz Board here.

Kakao display ad

Display Ads: Display advertisements that can enhance brand value through various forms of creatives. You can maximize performance by finding the optimal audience related to your brand and exposing advertisements at the optimal moment. Manage your marketing effectively with display ads. Learn more about display ads here.

Kakao Video ad

Video Ads: Video ads are exposed in Kakao’s premium content area where brand safety is guaranteed. Based on Kakao’s nationwide user pool, you can expose video ads to the optimal audience. Experience stronger branding and expansion of target coverage through Kakao video ads. Learn more about Video Ads here.

Kakao DM

Kakao Channel Message: Channel messages that can use your KakaoTalk channel as a more powerful business tool. You can find the best audience and send the optimal message at the right moment for your marketing purpose. Learn more about Kakao Channel Message here.


Kakao Notice & Chat: This is your main communication tool with your customer. From sending personalized messages to real-time consultations, all in one, Kakao Notice & Chat. Learn more about Kakao Notice & Chat here.

Daum search ad

Kakao Keyword Ads (Search Ads): Keyword ads that can meet numerous search users of Kakao. By understanding the intent of searchers through keyword search, you can convey the desired information through ads. With one campaign, you can be exposed to the top of major portals, and experience high cost-effectiveness through easy management. Learn more about keyword ads here.

Kakao Brand Search Ad

Brand Search ads: Brand search ads that enable stronger branding through brand keywords. You can find the optimal search user who wants to know information about the brand, deliver a powerful message, and create attractive branding. Effectively meet search users through Kakao’s brand search advertisements. Learn more about Brand Search here.

Kakao Sync

Kakao Sync: The first step in using Kakao’s assets to your heart’s content! Collect members easily with KakaoTalk right now and experience a different level of targeted marketing. Learn more about Kakao Sync here.

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