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5 Powerful Features of KakaoTalk Channel

Updated: Jan 29

KakaoTalk is the most popular and the most used messenger application in South Korea.

Monthly active users of KakaoTalk is approximately 40 million with 97% reach. KakaoTalk is also the most installed and used mobile app followed by YouTube and Naver. In addition, the messenger is famous for a comfortable banking service called KakaoBank.

KakaoBank has over 7 million monthly active users. There are also a number of features such as Kakao Gift, Kakao Shopping, Kakao News. etc., that are included in the messenger. KakaoTalk application is available on mobile and PC devices.

What is KakaoTalk Channel?

KakaoTalk Channel is a business tool powered by KakaoTalk. KakaoTalk Channel is a free tool and is used by large and small and medium enterprises as a communication and marketing tool in South Korea. All businesses can sign up and set up their KakaoTalk Channel for free. Strategically managed business channels can attract more customers to your business. In addition, well managed KakaoTalk Channel leads to grow your business revenue with simple yet practical and effective functions of the channel.

 KakaoTalk Channel
Caption 1. KakaoTalk Channel sample.

Now, let us learn about 5 powerful features of KakaoTalk Channel. These features help you communicate effectively with your customers and grow your business in South Korea through KakaoTalk Channel marketing.

1. KakaoTalk Channel Home.

KakaoTalk Channel Home is the main page of your business channel. This page helps your customers to learn about your brand quickly.

KakaoTalk Channel
Caption 2. KakaoTalk Channel Home.

The Home page includes the following information:

  • Brand information;

  • Latest news;

  • Events & sale promotions;

  • Announcement;

Visitors can also initiate a chat with you or see your product categories on the Home page of your channel. Once you sign up and set up your KakaoTalk Channel, visitors can easily find your brand with keywords related to your business within the KakaoTalk app.

Caption 3. From left: Keyword on Kakao Search Tab, KakaoTalk SERP (Search Result Page), KakaoTalk Channel.

2. Content marketing.

Another advantage of using KakaoTalk Channel is that brands can boost their content through the channel. The content posting function of the KakaoTalk Channel enables brands to share images, videos, and useful content with customers.

Caption 4. Blog post on KakaoTalk Channel.

Content marketing is the optimal way to engage with your customers in the comment section of each post. Your customers can also like and share your content with others which may result in more brand exposure.

3. Messaging.

KakaoTalk Channel's paid messaging function helps you reach your KakaoTalk friends (customers) directly at the right moment with the right targeting and most relevant content.

Caption 5. From left: Basic text message, Wide image message, Wide list message.

Messaging is the fastest and the most effective tool to reach your customers with brand news, sale events and promotions as well as discount coupon offers. There are a number of messaging types available to send different content with various targeting options.

4. 1:1 Chatting.

If the messaging is about promoting your business, 1:1 chatting is the method to engage with your customers in a personal way to answer inquires related to your business.

Caption 6. 1:1 chatting on KakaoTalk Channel.

1:1 chatting helps your customers to book your service, inquire or get a consultation from your business. You can set up available chatting time based on your business hours, complete FAQ for the fastest response. 1:1 chatting is the personal way to engage with your friends (customers) on KakaoTalk.

5. Smart chatting & Chat Bot

Smart chatting and ChatBot are your brand's so-called 'personal assistant' on KakaoTalk Channel. These are the tools to automate your business on KakaoTalk Channel based on the most frequent customer requests and inquiries such as your business location, business hours, branch information, etc,.

Caption 7. KakaoTalk Smart Chat.

Meanwhile, Chat Bots provides your customers with a new brand experience through well designed automatic chatting. KakaoTalk Channel's ChatBot is able to take care of your customers' most common inquiries 24/7 so that you can focus on other business tasks without concern.

Caption 8. KakaoTalk Chat Bot.

Wrap up.

KakaoTalk is the most popular messenger in South Korea with over 40 million MAU (monthly active users). It is the tool to reach your Korean customers in the fastest and personal way. Powerful features of the KakaoTalk Channel leads your brand engagement and growth in the highly competitive South Korean market.

Source: KakaoTalk.

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