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What is Naver Blog and How to Use It?

Updated: Feb 1

Naver Blog

Naver Blog is a blog service of Naver, a Korean portal site. The service was first launched on October 13, 2003.

As of 2022, there are approximately 32,000,000 Naver Blogs. So we can say that more than half of the Korean population has a Naver blog.

Naver Blog is the place where users' communication is most active in real-time. Naver Blog is a category that is constantly evolving and developing. The blog is the place where most of the searches are conducted, and it is the most basic way to deliver accurate information to target users and promote a brand without objection to users, and see the effect of word of mouth through blog visitors at the same time.

Naver blog marketing can be seen as the most popular viral marketing method. Because it is delivered to target users through blog posts rather than direct marketing, it is possible to minimize the rejection of artificial advertisements. This natural approach creates an effect that can generate your potential audience.

There are advantages of having and managing the Naver blog.

1. Build your image as a professional: Position yourself and your organization as idea leaders within your industry. Blogging allows you to simultaneously strengthen your professional positioning by strengthening your brand through blog posting weekly on a variety of topics facing the industry and your company.

2. Enhance communication with customers: Blogs can participate in customer discussions, provide advice and information, and get customer feedback quickly.

3. Improve Media Relations: Helps build channels for readers to regularly check what news businesses and organizations are sharing now, rather than a resource for journalists in the media to passively and sometimes indifferently receive press releases.

4. Maintain a relationship of trust: For good or bad, you can build trust with your customers.

5. Test your idea or product: You can provide a valuation in the informal and relaxed atmosphere of your blog.

6. Reinforce Brand Awareness: If the number of post searches through the Naver search engine increases, the real-time search ranking for a product or company rises, resulting in frequent product and company exposure.

How to sign up and use Naver Blog?

To use Naver Blog, you need to sign up for Naver first. You can now sign up for Naver with your overseas phone number (If you are based out of Korea).

Once you sign up, you can go to the Naver Blog section and start setting up your blog.

For more information about Naver Blog, please feel free to schedule 30 30-minute free consultation call.

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Hey there! I want to add my site to Naver, however when I enter into naversearchadvisor. I am unable to obtain the appropriate meta tag for use in my website theme. Please assist me in getting my website listed in the Navier search engine.

Zohid | 조히드
Zohid | 조히드

Hello, please reach out to

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Hi 👋 I Want to add my site in naver but when I submit my site in naversearchadvisor. I can't receive proper meta tag to put into my site theme. Please help me to add my site in naver serp.

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