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Korea Digital Marketing-9 Out of 10 Koreans Watch YouTube

Updated: Feb 1

YouTube is No.1 OTT in South Korea.

Let's get to know about Korea Digital Marketing. YouTube is the No.1 OTT (over the top) media service in South Korea. Nasmedia, the South Korean media representatives company, has recently conducted a survey on 'Netizen Profile Research 2020'. The survey revealed that 93.7% of 2,000 survey respondents, in other words, 9 out of 10 people watch YouTube in their daily life.

YouTube has been expanding its market share in the highly competitive Korean digital market. People are subscribing to channels they like, searching 'How To' videos, and getting motivated or inspired on YouTube. Meanwhile, people spend the longest time on the YouTube app comparing to any other mobile apps. 10 to 20 years old spend an average of 41 hours 40 minutes weekly while 20 to 30 years old spend an average of 31 hours 22 minutes on YouTube weekly.

Naver TV is No.2.

43.1% of survey respondents watch Naver TV. Naver TV is the OTT media service by Naver-South Korea's No.1 portal site. In recent years, more and more Naver TV users started to sign up for YouTube or Netflix and KakaoTV because of Naver TV's very poor search function and video view count function that lacks credibility.

Netflix is earning popularity.

Netflix is growing in South Korea. Thanks to its strong content power and people's increasing needs on OTT services and original content. 28.6% of survey respondents watch Netflix. If we consider the growing number of people in Korea who are willingly subscribing to paid OTT media, the market share of Netflix will grow significantly in the near future. Instagram accounts for 26.4% while Facebook 24.1%.

OOT market share in South Korea
Caption 1. OOT market share in South Korea.

The Korean digital market is becoming more and more mobile-focused. 62.9% of survey respondents watch videos on their mobile phones. This survey also revealed that 96.4% of all internet users watched videos on one of the TOP 5 OTT media services in South Korea.

Data source: Nasmedia, Wiseapp.

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