Web Design



Customized websites built on local UI and UX help you localize your brand in highly competitive South Korean market!

Be present


Be present on Naver, Google, Kakao and other search engines and portal sites with your local website so that people know about your brand!

Drive action


Drive valuable actions such as leads and sales on your website with the help of localized websites! 

Local UI & UX

The web design process starts with understanding a client's needs and defining project scope. Each website is planned, designed, and built considering and reflecting the latest Korean UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) trends in your industry. We believe that websites built with the right UI lead to higher customer retention and lower churn rate. Meanwhile, seamless UX leads to lower bounce rates and higher leads or sales rates. In addition, each website is built in the Korean language to position and offer your brand or service effectively with the right message. 

Web design process: 

  • Defining a client's goal; 

  • Industry analysis; 

  • Defining the scope of a project; 

  • Website design; 

  • Launching a website; 

  • SEO & website maintenance;

Customized Website

Each business type requires a different approach to website design and development. We build websites to meet our clients' needs and bring quality traffic to the website. A website without traffic is useless. Therefore, we approach each website design with optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices to make sure that your website brings quality traffic from Naver, Google, Daum (Kakao), and other search engines. SEO takes time and is a complicated process. However, it brings not only organic and quality traffic to your website but also contributes to your business growth in the long term. Following is the website list that we are specialized in:  

  1. Business website; 

  2. Educational website; 

  3. Entertainment website; 

  4. E-commerce website; 

  5. Non-profit website; 

  6. Personal website; 

  7. Blog; 

Valuable Actions

The optimal website drives valuable actions such as leads and sales for your business. We believe that the best websites are fast, easy-to-navigate, and are built considering seamless user experience. In addition, people are spending more time on their mobile phones. As of 2019, mobile traffic accounts for more than 52% globally and its market share is expected to be bigger in the near future. Whether you are in a B2B or B2C market, mobile-friendly websites are very important for your business growth. Following actions can be driven through a well-designed website: 

  • Leads-sign ups, downloads, demo request, consultation request, etc;

  • Sales-service sales, e-commerce sales, B2B sales, etc;

Valuable actions can be reached through the websites that are: 

  • Fast; 

  • Easy-to-navigate; 

  • The best UX; 

  • Mobile-friendly; 

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