Pay Per Click Ads

Be There


Search ads and target display ads help you meet your potential customer at the right moment with the most relevant messages!

Drive traffic


Search ads and target display ads are able to persuade your potential customers with strong and clear call-to-action to visit your website! 

Drive action


Drive valuable actions such as leads and sales on your website with the help of pay per click ads! 

Naver ads

Be present on Korea's No.1 portal site to succeed in the highly competitive Korean market!

+29 million people visit Naver every day and Naver accounts for 56.9% of the search engine market in South Korea! Naver search ads help your brand to be present to target the right customer at the right moment with the right message. Operating ad campaigns on Naver requires thorough strategies as the competition for the top ranking on the search engine result page (SERP) is very fierce. Here are some Naver search ads products: 

  • Site Search Ads (Powerlink); 

  • Shopping Search Ads; 

  • Content Search Ads; 

  • Brand Search Ads; 

  • Location-Based Search Ads; 

  • Click Choice Search Ads; 

Google Ads

Google has been growing its market share in South Korea since 2016. More Koreans are now searching on Google and YouTube has become No.1 OTT (Over The Top) media platform in South Korea. Google Search Ads are very effective to drive traffic to your website. It is also a great tool to drive valuable actions such as leads and sales on your website. Meanwhile, Google Display Network (GDN) helps you expose your brand on +2 million websites with precise targeting to reach the most relevant people at the right moment with the right call to action messages. Here are some Google Ads products to help you reach a massive audience: 

  • Google Search Ads; 

  • Google Display Network; 

  • Google Video Ads; 

  • Google Shopping Ads; 


Kakao Ads

Kakao Ads lead you to reach an audience on Korea's No.1 messenger-KakaoTalk and a portal site-Daum. Monthly active users (MAU) of KakaoTalk are over 44 million while Daum accounts for the third-largest pie in the Korean search engine market share. Kakao has various marketing channels and it offers ad types to target audiences with different characteristics and behavior patterns within its different channels. Here are the main Kakao ad products to reach potential customers on KakaoTalk, Daum, and other ad partner sites: 

  • Kakao Search Ads; 

  • Kakao Biz Board; 

  • Kakao Display; 

  • Message Ads; 

  • Shopping Ads; 

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